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Vehicle with Driver

You are in Thailand on business or a shopping spree and the last thing you want is to worry about parking and following traffic rules of a country you are not so familiar with.

We get this which is why we avail a driver with your preferred car to chauffeur you around any city within the country.

As a rule of thumb, our cars come with a qualified driver.

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are not only licensed, but they are also fully qualified under the laws of the country. They undergo rigorous training every quarter to be up to date with new technology and new traffic rules. Their professionalism will never allow them to break traffic rules that will get them in any kind of trouble that could lead to delayed plans.

Our drivers can make conversation in simple English. They are also engaging but respect your privacy when you don’t need to talk.

Want some music or podcast to make the journey feel shorter? You only need to ask, and your driver will comply. We have complimentary bottle of water in the car and upon your request, we will make other snacks and drinks available at a cost.

Vehicle of your Choice

At ThailandTour365.com, we have vehicles of different types and comfort levels. Whether you want to be driven around in a luxurious sedan during the day and then picked up in a different car for an event in the evening, it is all possible. We also have bigger party cars that will get your group from one part of the city to the other.

Hopping from one place to the other whether day or night can be quite hectic, but we make it easier with our driven services. Whether you want to be driven from office to office or across the city to shop and dine, we have packages to accommodate that need.

Date Pick-up

Do you have a date tonight and need a fancy car to pick you up and drop you to and from your destination? Thailand Tours has this hourly package that includes pick-ups, drop-offs and waiting. Your driver will be assigned to you for the entire time and they will even extend their services at your request and at an extra fee. During the time we are assigned to you, we are provide all the transport needs you request, including moving to different parts of the city.

Assigned Errands

You may be held in a meeting but need something picked confidentially from the other end of Bangkok. We have a package for these pick-ups after requesting for disclosure. Our trustworthy drivers will pick and drop your packages with utmost care and trust.

As is the norm, our cars are always clean and ready to take on any journey. At no time will you stop to fuel or a change of tires.