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Rapid City Transfer

Whether you are in Bangkok for the day or longer, we are here to cater to your transport needs. Our cars are in different classes of luxury and size to cater to every type of traveler.

At ThailandTour365.com, we have great knowledge of the country as all our drivers are locals, and so we offer precisely executed city transfers.

For longer trips, we have specific cars that we prefer to use to maximize your experience and give you a great view of the country – seeing as the view is beautiful. We always advice that you let us know in advance to ensure that we meet your expectations during the city transfer.

Special Needs

We have been providing transport services for years now and we understand special needs that are unique to every customer. Be it the need for special facilities to accommodate babies or those with physical challenges, we meet those expectations. We only require that you mention them when booking and our representative will ensure that they are available during transfers.

When moving across cities, we have had requests to stop at various famous places midway to allow tourists to take in the sceneries. We make all this stops at no extra cost so that you get the best view of Thailand.

To allow for detours and a little extra sightseeing, we have special hourly packages that take into account as many stops as you may want to make on your way to Pattaya – or any other cities, really. We have entire-day packages with drivers where you get your car for the day at a reasonable cost. Have in mind that you get to choose any type of car that suits your needs from private vans to luxury limousines.

Group Trips

We not only make city transfers for individuals, but we offer the same services for families and entire groups. Groups will need a larger mini bus, but we still don’t compromise on comfort. Our mini buses, with their ample space for luggage and groups of up to 20 – and above – are at your service as long as you need them.

Within-the-city Transfers

We appreciate that people come to Thailand for different reasons and while they are here, they want to have the time of their lives. We have within-the-city services where you book a car and driver for as many hours of the day – or night – as you may need.

Whether you want to hop from shopping mall to the next and then check out the night life later, our drivers will be more than happy to recommend some of the best places for these activities. With our muiltiple0-truip service, we will literally run your errands for you.

While you eat and shop, our driver will pick up something you need at another part of the city to save you time for more sightseeing. Our special package will include all these services and errands. Contact us for more information on this and other services.